2018 – Week 7

Happy Saturday !

Hope you guys are enjoying the weekend so far. I’m having a great tone spending time with family yesterday evening and going on a date with my oldest son today. We wrongly plan our scheduled activity to visit the Science Center so ended up going out for some interesting and “shaping the future” conversation around some good food and a milkshake :D. Science Center will wait for our next date ! 🙂

Trading wise, after an incredible week last week, markets were much slower and dust still settling down on some pairs. Took 5 trades (3 wins – 2 losses) and a small -0,74% equity after last week’s +7,3%. No mistakes done, plan followed to the letter so nothing to worry about !

Next week will be a shorter one as we’ll be travelling next friday taking a week “vacation” to visit friends and family (haven’t made up my mind if I’m gonna be trading while we’re gone or not, I think I’ll decide when we get there and see what they have planned to do throughout the week).

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and will leave you guys with the usual stats!

Weekly Stats



2018 – Week 4

Happy Friday evening everyone !

The week is over, I’m all flat for the weekend while market will close in a bit less than an hour so time for weekly review.

It’s been a busy one with 13 trades this week : 6 losers and 7 losers, making my way closer to where the year started after going straight to a drawdown since the beginning of the year.  After ending last week and starting this week on my longest losing streak so far this year (6 trades in a row -238 pips), ending this week with my longest winning streak so far this year (5 trades in a row, +197 pips).

But the highlight of the week was the Emergence Live at TierOneTrading. Enjoyed awesome teaching sessions, not only about trading but also about goal settings and mindset. Climax of the week was on thursday where, after sitting all day in meetings at work, I could catch the last part of the session to find out the chance I had been waiting for the past 2 years, to get top notch education, was now offered on a silver plate at such a price I could let the opportunity pass me by. So I enrolled right away and am looking forward to get the best trading education, from the best coaches and teachers; the best support from the best trading community out there. Now it’s “just” to put the hard work diligently going through the courses, one module at a time, and filling up the gaps and puzzle pieces that are missing in my trading education to bring my trading to the next level!

Well, after such an exciting and busy week, time to make my way to bed (gonna get some reading done first) cause I’m getting up early tomorrow to get some work down before the whole gang here gets up to enjoy a great family day!


Have a great weekend folks!

Weekly Stats


2018 – Week 3

Happy Friday folks !

The week is almost over and I don’t expect much more movement in the markets so I can post my review earlier than usual!

The year is starting slowly and roughly with another tough week : 4 losers, 2 winners, small loss in terms of pips and digging a bit more the equity drawdown to start the year. Being a pattern trader (and patterns being mostly profitable during consolidation) with markets being quite directional and trending to start this year, I’m taking a beating. But it’s just to stick to the plan and let my edge play out when markets will be going sideways (I will also need to put together a strategy to balance the advanced patterns and take benefit of trending markets).

Anyway, it’s only the beginning of the year so there’s plenty of time for my edge to play out! I will now enjoy the weekend and get some backtesting done!

Havea great weekend folks!

Weekly Stats


2018 – Week 1

Happy saturday folks and Happy New Year!

Hope you guys had a great holiday and enjoyed time with family and friends. My trading year starts on monday so I haven’t been trading this week. Yet, I used the week to get back in my various routine with morning routine, work, training and doing my market analysis twice a day as if I was trading. On top of that, because it was really quiet at work, I could spend a bunch of hours in the charts to work on some rules for things I want to test, continue to learn and improve my trading skills and do some backtesting.

This coming weeks I will be focusing on backtesting a sort of ABCD strategy as well as longer term targets on the advanced patterns based on DSR & Daily time frame bias, to boost a bit my pattern trading when the market will offer potential longer term moves.

The funds allocated to my Real account has not arrived yet so it looks like I’ll be trading on my demo account next week but it doesn’t matter. Then when the Real account will be funded, I will trade my current strategies on the Real account, and do forward testing of the longer terms targets for pattenrs on DSR on my demo account.

At the same time I’m continuing the testing of my London-Day-Break EA (will need another 6-7 weeks of data before crunching numbers and see what pairs are profitable and include the EA in my real-time trading) and am working on another EA based on Moving Average for day-trading (M15 or M5 during the London and/or NY session).

If you missed my 2017 yearly review, click here to watch the video

Wish you guys a great sunday and a great week in the markets next week!