2017 – Week 40

Happy monday folks !

After a busy week 2 weeks ago, allowing to end September and Q3 in the green, last week was much more quiet with only 4 trades, one being, ending the first week in October and Q4 at -153 pips !

You can read the details about the mistake on a trade I shared on Tradingview. The week could have been less frustrating if AUDCAD had not been playing around with me on 2 potential trade, where price came within 2 pips of my order and then made its way to targets (T1 winner on a bear trade +20 pips, T2 winner on a bull trade +44 pips), “stealing” away from me 64 pips of potential profit I did not make, but it’s all part of the game! However, it was an interesting learning experience to go through that live : when you backtest and note down “not filled” on your testing backsheet, even on a few trades in a row, it’s easy to deal with it. But when you go through it realtime it’s another story!

As for the other projects I have, I’m currently working on 3 EA’s for MT4 and MT5 that should be available before the end of the year (I still have some backtesting to do on this 3 strategies to fine-tune the coding, and test the EA’s before including them in my trading plan, and making them available to the trading community). More details on that later, so stay tuned !

That’s it for this time! Wish you guys a great trading week!

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2017 – Week 38

Happy monday folks !

Hope everyone had a great weekend. Mine was fun with a birthday party, relaxing sunday and a hyper quick pre-market analysis on sunday evening before market opens : simply had nothing at all on my radar.

Things have been moving a bit today so we’ll see when I do my analysis tonight what I’ll get on the radar fpr the rest of the week!

Last week was busy with 12 trades total (one of my busiest this year) but ending in the red with -159 pips total for the week. It was a roller-coaster one as you’ll see on the trade by trade screenshot : nice winners and nice losers.


We’ll see what this week brings : I would like to have a few winners not to end September in the red (-88 pips total for the month, and that would be my first red month after 5 consecutive profitable months). But it’s not up to me to decide about the outcome. My job is to stick to my trading rules and trading plan, taking every opportunity my plan allows me to, and letting the market reward me or cashing in my “tuition fees” ! 🙂

That’s it for this time! Wish you guys a great trading week!



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2017 – Week 37

Happy wednesday folks !

Hope you guys are doing great. I been pretty busy so had no time to fix last week’s trading review until today. Also because one of the trades I took on GBPUSD and that I shared on social media did bring a fair load of feedback so I wanted to take time to go through it all before doing the trade review to see if I had possibly missed something or not !

It was another great week with decent trading opportunities and a couple big winners on GBPNZD and GBPUSD (some fellow traders took way more profit than I did on the exact same GBPUSD trade, but got to stick to MY rules 🙂 )

If you are interested to check that “controversial” trade, here is the link on twitter : https://twitter.com/journeyrookie/status/908175886473560065. Check it out and leave your feedback if you have any.

Anyway, after reviewing all the comments and feedback, and getting it double-checked by much more experienced traders than I am, I came to the conclusion that according to my rules, it was a good trade and I would take it again without hesitation, regardless of the outcome. But like I said, it was great to get that much feedback and comments on it, it helped me do a deep review of that one, probably more than I usually do and it was a great opportunity to focus on every detail again and again and again …

Well, got a tons of things that needs to get done so leaving you guys with the stats. I’m still long USDCAD on the second position (and actually went short as well on the same pair today ! More on that in the next weekly review 🙂 )

Have a great rest of the week!

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2017 – Week 34 & 35 + August Stats

Happy friday folks !

Not often I get to publish the weekly review this early (well for week 35, cause week 34 I’m late one week !!!). Coming at you guys from Spain where I’m travelling to over the weekend with work. Incredibly nice weather, great hotel by the beach, gonna be enjoying this one !

Well, the last 2 weeks had their share of struggles and lessons to make me keep working on consistency and discipline : AUDCAD has been tough to handle, especially this week where price went through my T1 twice (a few hours apart) without filling my target order, and I ended up getting kicked out at BE on that trade. Still better than a loss, yet quite frustrating but part of the game so had to be vigilant and apply my rules to the letter.

Besides that, there were ok week (-96 pips last week and a shy +65 this week), but overall I end up August in the green again, which puts me on a 5 profitable months strike and it feels great. But now is no time to slow down but rather continue the hard work, sticking to the existing plan and putting in the great efforts to build it up, one pair, one strategy, one timeframe at a time.

But August was also a big learner as I made 3 mistakes throughout the month : more in a month than I had done since the beginning of the year!!! So will definitely need to make sure I stay vigilant, consistent and apply strict discipline, at all times !

I leave you guys with the complete stats and will enjoy an evening walk by the beach!

Week 34

Week 35


2017 – Week 33

Happy monday folks !

Last week was a tough one, starting the week with 2 mistakes.

First on GBPNZD where I started making 2 mistakes on Price Action reading which impacted the targets I was supposed to take. Here is the original screenshot when I took the trade where I noted in a circle areas where I “forgot” to note Price action.

This impacted greatly the targets because I was going for semi-extended targets when I should have gone for conventional targets. Here is a screenshot after correction of PA reading

Then I ended that trade making a third mistake when I realized my error on PA reading : “Hey buddy, bad trade = close the trade immediately”. And I did. But reviewing later on this weekend the events and how I managed that trade, I then realized that it was not a bad trade in itself : it was a valid pattern, rules of engagement where met and followed, I only made a mistake on setting the targets to conventional instead of semi-extended. What I should have done is close the first position (as the would-be T1 @38.2 Fib had been hit), then move stop to BE and adjust target on T2 to the 61.8 Fib.

As it was not enough to start the week with 3 mistakes, I made another one on AUDCAD later taking a Bull BAT that actually was invalid : I did not check the Fibs properly and should have seen that the C leg was invalid as it violated the A leg making the BAT invalid.

But I reacted properly on this one and closed the trade directly when I realized it was a bad trade.

Well, that was it for the learning-mess and another 3 trades (2 small winners one big loser). I end up the week with +224 because the bad/mistakes trades were in profit when closed but a realistic result of the week would sit at -64 pips (not counting the profit on AUDCAD and GBPNZD mistake-trades).

Looking back at the week, it was a tough one, but it was a rich one in terms of learning and improvements added to the trading plan so I say it was a GREAT week !

That’s it for now. Wish you guys a great week in the markets!

Closed Trade

Opened trades
Long AUDUSD (From last week, T1 hit)

2017 – Week 32

Happy EARLY monday everyone !

I was gone all weekend, travelling and visiting family in Gothenburg so no video review for last week’s trading but a good old blog post ! 🙂

Last week was a quiet, patience-and-discipline-working week, with 6 trades taken, 4 closed (3 win – 1 loss) and 2 still opened (waiting for T1 on AUDUSD and GBPNZD) with a decent +116 pips total for the week. Have to say that USDCAD has served me well lately making a big part of the great results in the last 3 weeks (T2 hit this week on a long with +140 pips, with total of +265 pips for the trade).

Not a lot on my radar as this new week begins, besides watching carefully my current long AUDUSD and short GBPNZD for T1.

Weel, it’s now 6am here, and already have been putting 1,5 hours of work (got up 4:30am) and it’s now time to get the kids up as both my wife and I are back to work this week (Over with vacation 😦 ), and get a good breakfast down !

Wish you guys a great week and leave you with last week’s stats!

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